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Run your Catering Business by Accepting Online Orders with Wix

Sarandipity Fare is a catering company based in Savannah, Georgia that specializes in charcuterie boards. Owner and Operator, Sara Cox, is a childhood friend and it has been amazing to watch her scale this business! Sara needed an easy and organized way for customers to place catering orders on a daily basis. We quickly accomplished this by implementing Wix Online Ordering.

Wix Online Ordering

Wix Online Ordering allows Sara to update her menu and availability on a daily basis from the Wix Owners App on either her desktop or her mobile device so visitors are seeing the most accurate version of what she is offering and when. Some added benefits:

  • Her inventory is automatically managed by the system based - controlling supply and demand.

  • Orders are automatically added to her personal calendar alerting her of pickups and deliveries.

  • Thresholds, deliveries radiuses, cancellation policies, and availability are pre-established - creating boundaries!

  • Clients have the ability to build a custom order based on their needs.

  • Payments are processed through the website and deposited into her account weekly.

  • Automatic alerts are sent to customers alerting them of their order status.

We have added a slew of Wix Business Solutions to the site over last year to accommodate Sarandipity Fare's growth. The site currently uses the below solutions:

  1. Wix Events

  2. Wix FAQ

  3. Wix Blogs

  4. Ascend by Wix

  5. Wix Forms

  6. Wix Automations

  7. Wix Quotes & Invoices

  8. Wix Stores & Prinftul

Wix Events

Sara began hosting Charcuterie Workshops around Savannah in the beginning of 2021. Her events are now regularly sold out and a profitable piece of her business. Some benefits:

  • Wix Events allows her to sell tickets and process payments for the event or simply collect RSVPs.

  • Event attendees are sent automatic calendar invites and email updates related to the event.

  • Sara has an easy to follow guest list for the day of the event.


The Wix FAQ app is easily accessed from the Wix Owners Dashboard either on desktop or via their mobile app. This allows Sara to quickly update Frequently Asked Questions without having to go into the website editor, giving her more control over the content on her website.

Wix Blogs

Sara regularly shares popular recipes on social media. We implemented Wix Blogs so she can easily add new recipes to her site for her audience to save to Pinterest or recreate on their own!

Ascend by Wix

Ascend is Wix's built in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product. Each Wix site comes with Ascend so you can easily manage your customers and leads. Sara can easily keep track of and message with site visitors via her regular email or the Wix Owners app on her phone. This allows her insights into past orders, event attendance, and more when planning promotions.

Wix Forms

Three forms are built into Sara's site. One to capture email subscribers, another to capture catering leads, and a third to collect general contact submissions. All forms are connected to customer records in Ascend.

Wix Automations

Wix Automations allow you to automate tasks you regularly complete in the day to day operations of your business. We have set up several automations on Sara's site. Most noteworthy:

  • Reminders for leads to open quotes or invoices.

  • Google or Facebook review solicitations after an order or an event is complete.

Wix Quotes & Invoices

Sara can quickly send Quotes out to catering leads via her owner dashboard. Upon acceptance an invoice is automatically sent to the customer soliciting full payment or a deposit. Payments are processed via all major payment processors.

Wix Stores and Printful

In Q2 of 2022 we added Wix Stores to the site so Sara can easily sell custom apparel. We also implemented Printful. This allows her to custom design products without having to place a bulk order or handle fulfillment. Printful handles printing and distribution while paying Sara her retail profit per item. Can you say passive income?

Like I mentioned above. It has been so rewarding to watch Sara grow this business using her website. Check out her front cover feature on Savannah Magazine's holiday edition after their scout found her website via Google.

Have questions or ready to build your own website?

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