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Creating Different Header and Footer Designs on Different Site Pages Using Wix

Alyson Maier is an artist and maker based in Brooklyn, NY. Working at the intersections of arts and health, she consults on how to integrate creative practices into positive health behaviors for individuals, teams, communities, and organizations. She uses these same practices to make timeless and often functional artwork that spans the mediums of clay, fiber, and paper. Hand crafted in Brooklyn, her plant hangers, wall hangings, paintings, and clay objects add warmth to any home.

Aly came to me with an existing Squarespace site. She had been using the site to sell some of her art and showcase her fine art archive. She was in the process of launching an arts consulting business and wanted to showcase all of her businesses under one site. First we worked together on establishing a universal brand to be used throughout the site.

Using this brand guide we got to work on her site. I built the site on #Wix and broke one singular site into three microsites. This is easily accomplished by hiding the header and footer of each page under the page settings. I created header and footer designs for each site and saved them to My Designs to quickly add to each page.

I used as the parent site with a home page, an about, and a contact page. Within this site I created two microsites, clay.fiber.paper and Arts in Health Consulting. I redirected domain names for each child site at their corresponding home pages.

I used #WixStores and #WixEvents for the clay.fiber.paper microsite. Visitors can purchase gifts for the home, inquire about wholesale orders, or check out upcoming pop up's and workshops. Check out the site here

I used #WixBookings and #WixBlogs to create a platform for Aly to share information with her audience and book consulting gigs. Using triggered #Lightboxes I created an interactive quiz for visitors to determine which service offering best suits their needs. Check it out at

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