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Building a Real Estate Investment Portfolio Using Wix Blogs

Iskagna is a hybrid Real Estate and Management Firm based in Charleston, SC. Iskagna needed a a way to showcase their ever changing portfolio of projects without having to add new standalone pages to their site regularly, field employment applications as a quickly growing company, and manage investor leads.

I repurposed Wix Blogs to showcase their portfolio. This allows Iskagna employees to regularly update their portfolio without having to go into the editor. They can simply add and edit posts from their Wix Owners App on their desktop or mobile device as Blog Writers. I worked with the Iskagna team to ensure everyone had proper access and felt comfortable contributing to the site.

Using Wix's CRM, Ascend by Wix, and Wix Forms I created an online application form for job seekers and an easy to use contact form for potential leads. All form submissions feed into the websites CRM and can be accessed via the Wix Owners App on either desktop or mobile. Submissions are sync'd with the others email account so he can reply via the Wix Owners App or directly from his inbox. All communications are stored on the contacts record. You can read more on Ascend by Wix here.

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