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How to Generate $14,000 in BFCM Revenue from a Single Email Campaign

Olansky Dermatology Associates has provided dermatology care to the Greater Atlanta area for over 40 years. They have offices in Buckhead and Roswell. In the Spring of 2020 Olansky Dermatology contracted me to act as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer.

First, we created a brand for their aesthetics center. I worked with the Olansky team to create a logo and corresponding brand suite for the aesthetics center that appealed to a younger demographic while retaining the level of luxury their older clients value. Using this brand suite I worked with their team to create digital and print assets for daily use.

Next I put together an omni-channel marketing strategy for the dermatology practice and aesthetics center targeting new and existing customers via social media, email marketing, SMS marketing, strategic partnerships, and unique marketing concepts.

As you know in the Spring of 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic began, causing Olansky to temporarily close their offices. I worked with the managing partners on patient communications and to prepare safety precaution print materials. In July of 2020 we launched an Ecommerce store for the aesthetics center via Shopify. The online store generated over $20,000.00 in revenue during its first three months. Even though the practice was not seeing patients, the aesthetics center's Shopify Ecommerce site allowed the practice to bring in revenue from product sales.

During the month of November 2020 we launched a Black Friday Cyber Monday campaign targeting existing top spenders in an effort to move inventory that wasn't selling. Here's how we did it and I highly recommend doing this if you are a product based business owner and need to generate revenue fast or move product:

  • I feel like I should mention this is not something you should do frequently! The reason why this sale concept works is because it rarely happens - you want to create that scarcity mindset.

  • First, we used Shopify's out of the box reporting to identify which products weren't moving. We then moved these items into a Collection.

  • Next we created an automatic discount code and a BFCM sale page on the site for this collection.

  • Then, we used Shopify reports to identify our medium order value and then filtered our customer database to segment out a "VIP High Spender" audience.

  • We created a unique discount code for this "VIP High Spender" audience and tied it to their customer account using Tags.

  • After doing this, we launched two email campaigns, one targeting our entire list and another targeting our "VIP High Spender" audience.

  • The entire list was given access to the sale page starting on Black Friday through Cyber Monday and automatic discounts were applied.

  • The "VIP High Spender" audience was given early access to the sale starting the Monday before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday and they were given an extra 10% off the entire sale.

The site netted $14,000 in revenue from a single email blast sent through Active Campaign. Why did this work so well?

  • You've created scarcity.

  • You've identified the audience that you know, based on historical data, will spend big with you and you've made them feel special.

  • Added Bonus: Consumers purchased items that weren't on sale to reach free shipping and automatic discount minimums. Think spend $100, get $25.

After helping to establish and grow the aesthetics center brand I worked with the Olansky team to identify a full time resource to manage their day to day marketing operations. They continue to see great success!

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