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Relaunching Chastain Horse Park on Wix

Chastain Horse Park has been an Atlanta staple since 1999 is one of the last 2 remaining urban barns in the United States. As a nonprofit, the horse park is home to a nationally recognized Therapeutic Horsemanship program, Boarder program, Lesson program and boasts a beautiful event space facility within the Chastain Park community. I worked with Ann Lally of Altima PR and the Chastain Horse Park team to give their existing website the boost it needed to showcase their mission. Just looking to see the live site? Click below.

Chastain Horse Park had an existing logo, but they didn't have a complete brand strategy. Because of this the site contained a variety of colors and fonts. Here is a before photo:

So we started off by giving putting together a style guide to inform the site's design. I pulled colors and fonts from the logo then put together a color palette and font pairing that complimented the key stakeholders vision.

Next, we took a look at the site's structure and reconfigured the site map to improve the user experience. The original site contained a variety of pages pointing the site visitor to different areas. See below:

We consolidated these pages into buckets so site visitors were clear on where they could view a comprehensive list of services, register to volunteer, or donate. In addition to this we implemented several Wix solutions to not only improve the user experience, but to streamline the staffs workload.

Wix Events allows the development staff to quickly add fundraising events from any device without having to go into the site editor and custom build a page. They can collect RSVPs or sell paid tickets as a fundraising tactic. Some other Wix solutions we implemented include:

  • Wix Forms to digitize the volunteer application so the staff can readily approve and onboard new volunteers. Funneling all forms through Wix Forms also allows the team to segment visitor data for future email marketing campaigns through Wix Email Marketing.

  • Wix FAQ to allow the staff to quickly update Frequently Asked Questions to the site without having to go into the site's editor and custom build a page.

  • Wix Blogs to allow the staff to quickly share information about new campaigns or press releases from the Wix Owner's app without having to custom build a page on the site.

  • In 2023 the staff plans to launch Wix Bookings in order to allow volunteers to automatically register for various volunteer slots online.

Have questions or ready to build your own website?

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