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Rebranding and Relaunching Make Waves Pool and Spa

Make Waves Pool and Spa offers both commercial and residential pool services to the Orange County area and is family owned and operated by Robin Ramirez. Robin came to me looking to give her website a refresh. As reference here was the site before:

We discussed different options for the sites design and decided to rebrand. I worked with Robin to design and development a comprehensive brand suite containing a logo and style guide for her brand to influence the website design. This the logo concept Robin chose:

After finalizing a logo, color palette, and fonts, we got to work on her website. Using Wix Bookings we set up an easy to use online scheduling system for site visitors to quickly (and easily!) book a complimentary consult. In addition to this we add these applications to the site to streamline Robin's day to day:

  • Wix Chat to quickly connect with site visitors.

  • An automatic welcome message via Wix Chat using Wix Automations so site visitors are automatically greeted.

  • Wix FAQ so Robin can easily add and remove Frequently Asked Questions without having to go into the editor.

  • Testimonial Builder so customer reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook are automatically added to the site.

You can check out the live site below. Interested in rebranding or building a website?

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