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Running a Spray Tan Business through Square Online

Sunless Glow by LA is owned and operated by Leighann Spitzmiller. Leighann offers custom air brush spray tans by hand. When Leighann came to me her site was hosted via Wordpress, but her online bookings and Ecommerce were run through Square. Customer data was not transferring between systems and she didn't feel in control of her website. I worked with Leighann to migrate her site from Wordpress to Square, consolidating her systems, centralizing her customer data, and giving her more control over the content on her site. Just looking to see the live site? Click below.

We started off by giving her logo a little refresh and putting together a style guide. This style guide not only informed the website design, but has also provided a cohesive visual brand for other vendors Leighann works with. Her social media channels and product packaging now incorporate this concept and compliment the site.

After establishing the site's design I consulted with Leighann on photo and video production needs to layer media into the site's design. She worked with local vendors to shoot content while I worked on the site build. After launching Leighann has been able to update the content on her site and even add a page for a new service offering on her own!

Have questions or ready to build your own website?

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