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Make $24,436/month Selling Chocolate Online through Wix Stores

Located in Athens, Georgia, Condor Chocolates produces and sells bean-to-bar chocolate bars, truffles, sipping chocolate, hot cocoa, coffee, iced beverages, gelato and a variety of confections. I worked with the Condor team to take their business online through an Ecommerce site using Wix Stores. Just looking to see the live site? Click below.

Prior to launching their online store all Condor sales were done in person at their Five Points cafe. In their first month they did over $9,000 in sales online.

Their first December resulted in over $24,000 in online sales.

Each season we update their site with seasonal products and run their email marketing campaigns via Wix Email Marketing.

Nick and Peter have been clients for several years now and it has been so rewarding watching them grow! The online store continues to bring in additional revenue each year, they have moved production into a factory warehouse on Chase Street in Athens, they opened a Downtown Cafe on Washington Street in Athens, and their killer sales team has landed their product in wholesale accounts like Whole Foods and Flamingo Estate.

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