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Cut out the waiting game and book a day just for you!

What we can accomplish in a day.

VIP Day Details
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How it works.

Instead of working together over the course of a few weeks we knock out your project in a single day, dedicated entirely to you and your business. We'll start with a 30 minute consultation call to identify our scope and set a date. Once booked your VIP Day will run like this:

- A morning kickoff meeting to discuss our direction for the day 
- A mid day check in call to discuss progress 
- A closing call consisting of a Q&A on running the site

"I needed someone to take what I had done, combine it with my vision, and tell me what to do and where to go. This is exactly what Hannah did. Not only did she take my website and redo the entire thing far better than I could dream, she taught me how to use it properly. She guided me far beyond what we had agreed because she truly cares and wants success for each of her clients. I am so grateful for Hannah and would recommend her anyone."

- Angelle F.

Ready to get started? Book your consult now.

VIP Consult
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